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Here is my question:

Please clarify the use of CPT code 99000, Handling and/or conveyance of specimen for transfer from the physicians office to a laboratory, when the clinic physician obtains the specimen and the clinic staff prepares, packages, labels, and places it in a designated area in the clinic for laboratory staff to pick up for processing at the hospital. Is it appropriate for the clinic to report code 99000 for this service if the physician is hospital owned?

Does anyone know this?

I really need to find an answer to this or even an opinion.

My opinion is no they can't charge this beings it is a hospital owned physician and their staff is doing the leg work of picking up and dropping off. It would be different if they were sending the specimans out to a different company but they are bringing it to their hospital. Any other opinions??????
One more time.....
Hopefully someone can help with this. Has anyone encountered this situation? Anyone have an opinion on this????
Thank you :)