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Muncie, IN
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I am a little confused and just need clarification on the units we are to report on the claim for emergency 99140. The base value is 2 and we have seen denials lately when two units are reported on the claim. We should use the price value of two units but only use 1 in the units box, correct? I just need justification because I am not finding this written anywhere.:eek:

Thank you!
~Melissa R., CPC
99140 adds 2 units worth of anesthesia units to your bill, so yeah you would calculate the 2 units based on whatever your conversion factor is and bill that dollar amount with 1 unit of 99140. on a related note, it pays to be careful with that code, because some payers pay that code separately, whereas others may want you to add the 2 units to the anesthesia code and bill 0 for the 99140. I know in NJ PIP that's how we process those bills. Hope this helps!