Wiki 99211 for Protimes?


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Our office is considering doing protimes "in office" for patients and I have a question about the guidelines for charging a 99211. Our office has Medical Assistants. We are currently charging the 85610 along with a veninpucture and then we send the blood off to the lab. However, if we do the protimes in office... the MAs do the protime, speak with the physician about the result and get further notice of medication change (if necessary) and then go back in with the patient and tell them the results with further instruction on medication use and when to follow up next on the protime. Does this qualify for the 85610 (protime) along with a 99211 ? Any guidance or help would be appreciated! Thanks
Agreed, and some patients will really complain if they start having to make a copay for an INR because they were charged a nurse visit. They can go to the lab and just pay for the venipuncture and test without that. We had this exact problem when I first started working in hematology. :)