99211 INRs, STD checks, Depo


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If a patient just comes in for a lab draw then I understand you cannot bill a 99211. In my case the providers duck into the lab and go over the results, change dosage of meds, etc. What all do the providers need to do and document in order to bill a 99211? I know there are anticoagulation clinic documentation guidelines but I cannot find them anywhere...Also the medical director is wanting to know if we can bill 99211 for going over STD results when they duck into the lab and also depo injections. I don't believe so with the depo but told him I would look into it. Any help is appreciated!
The Medicare contractor in my region has a very good job aid that outlines exactly what they're looking for in this situation - I'm including the link below.

99211 is usually specific to E&M when the provider does not see the patient - if your provider is actually seeing the patient as you've described, it's possible you could actually be billing a 99212 in this situation if the documentation is sufficient.

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