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Can you use these codes if the patient was admitted through the ED on say
11-18-08, then the attending physician comes in the next morning, sees the patient on 11-19-08, does his H & P dated 11-19-08 then discharges the patient on 11-19-08? I was told no by an auditor that the 99234-99236 can not be used because of the different admit and discharge dates, but the physician did his H & P and discharge on the same day. Any info and references to this will be appreciated.
i was advised that the doctor has to bill according to the dates the charts are signed and the doctor actually does all the charting-NOT the date the hospital has as admitting(same applies to discharge). otherwise you would be billing for a day that's not charted by the physician. i have also found several references to this through google. Hope this helps. i had the same issue.
remart is correct: the actual date/time of rendered service is used for the pro fees coding. Really, the date/time of the admission are arbitrary to physician coding.