Wiki 99702 Usage in Chiropractic office - Thoughts?


Lake Cormorant, MS
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My Dr. has mandated the use of the new 99702 code for all claims. I am VERY uncomfortable with this, as we are not actively screening patients at arrival, do not pre-screen patients via phone prior to arrival, have no individual rooms to sanitize, and do not don any other PPE other than masks (and most staff have purchased their own cloth masks.) Our staff now uses a different anti-viral disinfectant spray on beds between patients, but no other protocol has been initiated. I do not believe this meets the minimum requirements to utilize this code. Further, the suggested verbiage to include in SOAP notes would include measures that are not being taken by the office. My moral compass is not aligned with this new requirement. Am I wrong in my belief that we should not use this code to qualify for additional reimbursement?