A Few Questions, Some Guidance


Phoenix, AZ
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Hey Everyone,

I got my CPC-A certificate Feb 2016. I have been working in a hospital for about 10 months now in registration. I have been looking and applying to many coding positions as well as anything close to coding and a step up from what I do now.

I want to work in a hospital setting. However, it seems very hard to get into it and was wondering if a smaller clinic would be better. Would the experience there carry over to a hospital setting? I know working for a physician may not get me into a hospital? But is the experience just experience? I mean it's better than nothing right? I am wondering if I apply for physician coding jobs, would it be that hard to get into a hospital??

Also, a job could open up here at my work for a QA analyst/coordinator job, would that help me get closer to coding and gain relevant experience (more than registration) I was told as well to just try to apply to coding positions and not waste time with billing or medical records positions as those may be too entry level and it could be a lateral move from my job now or even a cut.