AAPC online E/M Training


Farmdale, OH
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I would not recommend purchasing this online training offered by AAPC. E/M coding is not my strong suit so I purchased the product to help me iron out some of the prolems I have with coding E/M. I have completed Module 1 and find it to be lacking. The first module is 20+ pages long, followed by a video, then a quiz.
Problem 1 is that the reading portion as well as the video is basically no more than what you would read in the
CPT book guidelines. It felt like someone simply read the guidelines word for word with a comment or example here and there. Little more than that is offered in the way of tips, tricks, insights. Problem 2 is that the video portion of module 1 is very lengthy is not broken down into sections. You get one play buttton. There are not any indications of how long each video inside the module will be, nor the ability to pick up where you left off if you have to quit and come back to the video module. It requires you to start at the beginning of the entire video and simply keep clicking the next button until you find the section you were in. Problem 3 is that there is no indication at the end of the video for module one to let you know you are now entering into the video portion for the second module. (Also, video would not play on my tablet, even after installing the recommended software. I watched it on my desktop. Not a problem, just inconvenient and uncomfortable.) You will want to check for compatibility issues you may have with your device.)

To sum it up: This module is great if you simply need 10 CEUs that you don't mind paying for, and you already have a very good handle on E/M so you can kind of cruise through the heavy reading/listening.