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Our office is debating the appropriate coding for the excision of 8 abdominal wall lesions.

Procedure listed as "excision of abdominal wall lesions x 8.
Intraoperative findings listed as, "Eight different locations were noted and excised completely. These all appeared to be benign lipomas."

Operative report notes, "Transverse incisions were fashioned over the site of all the lesions. After local anesthetic was injected, scalpel was then used to create an incision and Metzenbaum scissors were used to sharply dissect fee all these lesions, which varied from 2cm to 4cm. Once completely removed, all areas irrigated and closed in layers."

Intraoperative report notes regarding specimens details, "abdominal wall lesions x 8, approximately 1" each."

All specimens submitted together, pathologist noted approximately 20 pieces totalling 7.5cm width.

One coder says we can only bill 22903 x 1. Other coder says 8 x 22903.

Can we bill a quantity of 8?
you can code each lesion since they are separate incisions.

depending on the depth/size I gave you a grid of sort to help you pick the correct codes

Anatomic site Abdominal wall

Skin 11400–11406,

Subcutaneous 22902,

Subfascial 22900,

Radical soft tissue 22904,
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