Abdominal Wall Mucocele


Smyrna, TN
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Can anyone guide me on this?
My provider wants to use 11005 but this is not a soft tissue infection...

POST-OPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Abdominal wall mucocele at site of
previous colostomy.

PROCEDURE: Excision of abdominal wall mucocele and abdominal
wall reconstruction with a Vicryl mesh.

FINDINGS: Abdominal wall mucocele at previous colostomy site,
extending through the internal and external oblique with the deep aspect extending into the preperitoneal space. There was no obvious violation of the peritoneal cavity.

-- colostomy was reversed several years ago
-- fistulous track to the skin
-- mucocele was freed from the scar
-- no violation of the peritoneum noted and it appeared that this mucocele was contained within the preperitoneal space at its deepest aspect
-- defect in the internal oblique and external oblique.
--placement of Vicryl mesh