Wiki Absent/Removed organs: do we credit bullets in the Physical Exam?

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Hi everyone,

I need a CMS, AMA or other official reference source for the above question. I found an article in the Supercoder website stating: "If your physician examines a patient who has had an organ removed, you can still count that organ toward the physical exam or review of systems (ROS) in scoring the evaluation and management level, say experts." I'm looking for support on this policy.

I would appreciate if someone could provide a reference for crediting physical exam bullets for absent organs.

Thank you.
CMS reference found

Hi everyone!

I finally found the official CMS answer & reference for my own question and I wanted to share the update with you all:

Q32. For G0101, if it is notated that the patient has a surgically absent cervix, ovaries, is it appropriate for us to count those as part of the seven required elements?
A32. No, we have clarified this with our Contractor Medical Director and all elements must be performed in order to bill these G screening codes.

Thank you.