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I have a situation where a client was seen for a CDA and through the evaluation the client refused to talk and a diagnosis could not be determined. However, the client was seen after the initial CDA for individual psychotherapy and again for case management. Because there was no diagnosis determined we cannot bill for these services. How do folks account for the lost revenue? Does this go to an adjustments GL account, does this get entered as a zero dollar charge, does this get written to bad debt or can these be billed to Medicaid another way?


Lithonia, GA
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Hi Ellysium3,

Does CDA means Child Development Autism or Child Abuse ?? Anyhow a therapist has the right not to diagnosis a patient if circumstances are complex or feels something is not right.. I' d maybe add dx from one of the dx F94 or F98 and Z71.89 dx. codes then adjust it off with designated proper adjustment code. Or just assign the visit Z71.89 .Or did the patient's commercial insurance have copayment due with private insurance ? I hope it was collected at time of visit, then adjust off balance of account with adjustment code. I'd charge patient for that copayment if outlined in insurance contract. I would link this CPT code of the total fee whatever it is then adjust off with a type of adjustment code you create on this claim/visit called No Diagnosis so balance is now zero. Add comment per the therapist professional judgment why not billable. Then hope the patients documentation matches that day of counseling in which not billable or treatable from therapist.

I hope this helps. Most payers have list of adjustment codes you can design to add to your revenue EHR patient accounting system.
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