Accounts Receivable Audit

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Does anyone have a form they use for doing an AR audit in their office? I would greatly appreciate any assistance I can get.

Thank you

AR form

You could do it easily on an Excel spreadsheet. You would list the patient (or vendor) amount owed and then columns for 30 days , 60 days , or greater than 90 days. When all the data is input, you can filter it by any of those day columns and then decide what your intervention for each willl be- say at 30 days you send a statement, at 60 days you give them a call to make sure you have correct billing address and tell them you are sending a follow up statement, and at 90 days call, get a credit card number and set them up on a payment plan or send them to collections.
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I appreciate the reply and the idea! I was looking for something that might be used by a consultant that is hired to do Audits for AR and coding.

Thanks again!