Wiki ACL Repair, with Medial Meniscal Repair, and Lateral Menisectomy


Hamilton, VA
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For this knee surgery, I billed

29888 for the ACL repair
29882 for the Medial Meniscal Repair
29881 for the Lateral Menisectomy

The insurance company has paid the 29888 and 29881, but denies the 29882 [meniscal repair]
I need to Appeal the denial of the 29882 for the repair of the meniscus

Am I correct that these 3 codes can be billed together. If someone has had to appeal this coding also, would like some guidance on what to include in my letter that would be effective in getting this claim paid.

Thank you one and all,
29888, 29881, 29882

All three of these are allowed. I see this occasionally too. I'm assuming that you used -59 or -XS on 29881 since 29881 & 29882 hit an edit. However, since these were performed in separate compartments, both are allowed.

The edit is there so insurance does not pay for a meniscectomy on the same meniscus as a repair is done.

If you have not used -59 on 29881, I would send in a corrected billing.

If you have, I would appeal based on the procedures were performed in separate compartments.