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We've been told by various consultants that it would be inappropriate to do an addendum to a medical record solely to support billing. I have an instance where a provider wants to bill a 99215 but doesn't reach it in an audit and there is no time documented on his signed note. He says he spent 60 minutes with the patient so wants to add that to the note so that we can bill the 99215. He wants proof that he can't do an addendum to add the time. Does anyone have any policies regarding what can be amended or know of any references to support either opinion?
If the claim has been sent then it cannot be added, we cannot "fix" documentation to make it support the claim, If the claim has not been sent and upon review the coder sees a lack in the documentation , then prior to claim submission the documentation can be amended.
The claim is like an attestation that the information being billed is indeed documented.