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Elizabeth, CO
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I have a provider who performed Mohs followed by adjacent tissue transfer on an upper cutaneous lip lesion. The lesion is not on the vermillion and does not touch the vermillion border. 14060 vs 14040? I was told previously that if it didn't include the vermillion it was considered a part of the face (14040). The provider feels it falls under the lip (14060). Thank you!
The lip-specific codes need to be within or include the vermillion border. Outside of that, you are correct, it's part of the face.
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I was wondering if you have anything in writing that I can provider to her. She submitted the same question to someone at another association and was informed that only the biopsy codes indicate these guidelines and she should use 14060. Thank you for all of your help!
No, you are indeed correct. I was thinking of the lip biopsy codes. So if it's on the cutatenous lip, you should be fine with 14060.

Sorry for the confusion and thank you for questioning it.