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I have a very odd question about the proper definition for adminstration. An internal Medicine doctor prepares an injection for a patient for testerone and the patient administers the injection to himself the doctor would like to charge the patient for the adminstration since the Medical Assistant is in the Room when the patient administers the drug.

Would like any feed back on this situation.

Thanks for your help.

No you cannot charge for the administration if the patient gives it to themself. But why did this occur? If the patient was being taught how to give the injection then bill a 98960.
Thanks for the response

I do not think it is to teach i think it is only because they draw up the injection and give the injection to the patient to administer to themselves.
I agree with Debra, you cannot bill for the administration if the patient did the administration himself. Why didn't the physician do the administration him/herself? That puzzles me.