Admitting orders Inpatient and Observation


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Looking for some help regarding admitting orders, both for observation and inpatient. We are a CAH.

Observation specifically -
Patient is seen in the ER. ER provider states: Discharge to observation (date and time) to Dr. X
* once that provider signs off on the ER note - can that be used a written order for admission? or is that only considered as the discharge disposition?
* If the nursing documentation starts at 5:00 but the order isn't entered until 6:00, time still starts at 5?

Admitting orders need to be entered at time of admission, but signed prior to discharge - is that correct?

Does the order need to be in the EHR system as an electronic order or a scanned written order? Or can clinical documentation, as above, be considered?

Please help me settle the debate. I'm fairly confident I know the answers, but I'd like to have some backup as I'm new to my position.

Thank you!