Advanced lipid panels


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Can the procedures below be billed together on the same date of service/same claim? The way the codes read, it's like they are different methods of completing the same test. My lab is about to start doing advanced lipid panels and right now some people say they can be billed together for higher reimbursement but to me it seems like they should not. Can someone clarify how to bill these procedures, please?

83700 - Lipoprotein, blood, electrophoretic separation and quantitation

83701 - High resolution fractionation and quantitation of lipoproteins including lipoprotein subclasses when performed.

83704 - Quantitation of lipoprotein paticle numbers and lipoprotein particle subclasses (NMR)

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The edits say:

83700 is a component of 83701 and can not be billed together under any circumstance; 83700 is bundled with 83704 but a modifier is allowed in order to differentiate between the services provided
83701 is a component of 83704 and can not be billed together under any circumstance

Basically, if you bill 83704 or 83700, you can't bill 83701 at all. You can bill 83704 and 83700 together if the services are clearly distinct and a modifier is appropriate for 83700.

But if you're billing multiple codes simply for the purpose of receiving higher reimbursement, then that'd be fraud. You have to have legitimate reasons and supporting documentation to do so.