Advancing my skill base and employment


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Hello all,
First off if this isn't the correct forum for this topic i apologize in advance. I am looking for opinions, I am fairly new to the coding/billing world & I am CPC certified. I currently work for an FQHC in Sacramento. We unfortunately just started using a 3rd party biller and started to use NextGen which cut my responsibilities pretty much in half. I would like to broaden my skill base and knowledge in this field. i am struggling with the payer specific guidelines and do not feel I am where i should be with my position (I feel I should be more knowledgeable in my position), somebody mentioned to me that I should look into Health infomatics program and get my degree in that and that would open up a lot of doors for me employment wise. I'd like to know what some of you think since we are all in the same world basically. Please help!!! :confused: