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Forgive me if I am missing something obvious, but I have had me and two other people trying to find the proper ICD10 code for adverse effect of Norco and we are all stumped since we do not see it listed under the table of drugs and chemicals. How would you all go about coding this? It is not unspecified as the pt had a specified allergic reaction to it.
norco is an opioid

Without knowing what the reaction was I can only offer the dx you can use as a secondary dx. try T40.2X5A. Norco is an opioid so and because I don't know if this a poisoning, all I see is there was an adverse effect he secondary code would be T40.2X5A (adverse effect of other opioids) You would want to code the reaction first. So if the reaction was throat swelling you would code the reaction with R22.1 and then as a secondary dx you would use T40.2X5A
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