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Hi All,

So here is the scenario.... Patient is seen in Rheumatology dept. for Hep B vaccine. Patient has a adverse reaction and Diphenhydramine 25mg is administered Intramuscular. Hydrocortisone 100mg is also administered via infusion. Can I charge 96372 for the Diphenhydramine injection and a IV Push admin (96374) for the hydrocortisone ,in addition to the admin charge for the Hep B vaccine?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

96372 and 96374 are normally inclusive when the medication is administered through the IV. However if the documentation clearly states why the IV push was used for one medication and the other was provided intramuscular than you should not have a problem. I would suggest billing out the initial claim with medical records to show the reason as it will probably initially deny for CCI edits.

90471 should not be problem in addition to these two codes.