Wiki Advice for behavioral health EMR/PMS ?


DeKalb, IL
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Hi all, I hope this is allowed to ask for product recommendations. If not, please remove this and I apologize. My agency is a center for counseling and is currently undergoing the process to becoming Medicaid contracted. We are meantime looking to update our practice management system to not only accommodate Medicaid charting and billing/remittance requirements but also to move our records to being electronically stored and paper-free. Do any of you have experience with a particular PMS/EMR/EHR/ERA system or have any recommendations what is good? Keep in mind, we have less than 15 providers and none of them are doctoral (LCSW/LSW/LCPC/LPC). We only provide counseling/psychotherapy, not any medical procedures. Just curious at what is out there. If you're able to give me some companies/products to research that would be greatly appreciated.
Right now the most popular EMR in the substance abuse industry is Kipu. Its very customizable, but I am pretty sure its not CMS certified and I do not know if the Medicaid regulations in your state will accept it. If they do, I recommend it. They have great customer service.

this site will give you info on tons of EMRs that are out there.

Good luck on your search