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I will be taking the CPC exam this year. I have the current coding books, the 2012 study guide and recently ordered the 2012 CPC Coding Exam Review book. I've been coding for over 20 years and figured it's about time I obtained certification. As we all know, our experience tends to lean toward the type of practice we work for ie, cardiology, ob-gyn, urology, etc. The test obviously covers all area's of the body so I need to do a lot of studying. If I study a couple hours a night, what's a reasonable amount of time I'll need for studying prior to scheduling the test? I'm considering taking it early in early May. Am I allowing myself enough time?
Thanks for your advice!
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That is really dependent on whether you are seeing things you already know in your review guide (including medical terms and AP) or if you are reviewing the material and completely confused.

If the former, you may be ready. If the latter, give yourself more time or some sort of formal training where you can confirm your understanding.
I would see if your local chapter or a chapter close to you is offering a CPC Review class that you could take before your exam. My chapter offers this and its a 6 hour class on how to take the exam (hint ans tips too) and an overview of the exam in general.
I've heard that its helped many people pass after taking this class.
If you can navigate the CPT book and ICD-9 books you will be ok... All the answer are found in the books required for the test you will take. Just move as quickly as you can, and watch marking the grid answer sheet. Good Luck