Advice on buying desk reference books - which ones?


Bangor, Maine
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I need to spend just a little bit on my business before the end of they year for taxes... I'd like to invest in some reference books to assist with ASC coding.

I have been coding independently/remotely for 18 months with just my manuals, an online encoder that I upgraded to include CPT Assist, and everything I can find here and through Google... it hasn't been easy :)

I know there are resources out there that help define everything that is included in each procedure. I'd like one of those for sure, but I was hoping for an eBook that I could maintain on my desktop and hopefully be able to electronically search for key terms as well as through an index.

If you have any experience with supplemental materials for outpatient coding that best compliment the basic manuals, please let me know which ones you are familiar with and/or are your favorites!

Here is a short list of what I see around online:
  • Optum Current Procedural Expert
  • CPT Plus! 2016 Electronic Book
  • Plain English Descriptions for Procedures
  • Coding Institute Procedural Reference Guide for Coders
  • AAOS Procedures/ICD-9 Code Cross-Reference
  • Urology Expert: A Procedural Coding Companion
  • AGA Institute/PAHCS Gastroenterology Coding Manual
  • 2016 Illustrated Coding & Billing Expert Anesthesia/Pain