Question Alcohol Use in Pregnancy without Abuse/Dependence/Acute Intoxication

Medford, OR
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Our providers tend to use the code O99.31- (alcohol use affecting pregnancy) whenever a patient reports having a few drinks during this pregnancy, even if it's just one drink. This O code requires a secondary code from F10 but the problem is all the F10 codes describe abuse or dependence or acute intoxication. I've had frequent pushback from the providers when I've told them that a secondary code is required because they don't feel their patient's alcohol use fits any of the F10 codes, as they are usually just describing having a beer or two or a weekly drink. Is there an appropriate code from F10 that describes use without any abuse, dependence, or acute intoxication for this circumstance? And if not, how can I better coach my providers on how to code this circumstance seeing as the current codes don't fit their needs?