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I'm trying to obtain clarification on billing allergy injections along with 99211. The nurse administering the allergy injection is documenting all necessary criteria each time the patient comes in for an injection (2x per month). The patient has indicated she has never been charged a copay with previous physicians. We checked with the insurance and she is responsible for a copay on the 99211. Does anyone have experience with allergy injections along with 99211?

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In my experience any E/M codes 99201 - 99215, if a copay is part of the patient's responsility, the copay is still required. If you only charge for administration and the injectable, then no copay is required.
You do not charge a 99211 to give an injection. The patient is scheduled for an allergy injection and there is a code specifically for this purpose. You need to find the code for administration of the allergan, this code includes the nurses work, and there will be no copay.