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We are having a discussion on how to code the following scenario:
Patient receives chemotherapy in the office and is sent home with 5-FU for infusion over 4 days via external pump. How would you code this? E0781? S9329? S9390? What code do you use to deaccess the patient? 99211? 96523? Our office supplies and maintains the pumps. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are not being reimbursed.
Home pump

When the patient is hooked up to the pump, the code is 96416, typically with a 59 modifier because there are other drugs infused as well.
If the patient is getting a refill 96521
E0781 is for a monthly pump rental. If your patient is Medicare you would bill this and drugs put in it to DMERC.
I keep a spread sheet for these people. It gets complicated.
E0779-E0781 External Infusion Pumps

Does anyone know the billing frequency for HCPC codes E0779-E0781? Is is billed montly, weekly or daily? PLEASE PLEASE HELP