Ambulatroy Surgical Billing

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I am new to the billing of an Ambulatory Surgical Center. I am posting both the professional and technical procedures. My doctor has a physicians office on one side of the building and the surgical center is on the other side of the building. I was wondering if the professional procedure would be billed on the office side or the surgical side. Any help given would be appreciated.

Ambulatory Sugical Center billing

My practice is a dual office setting and Ambulatory surgical center. If I have equipment that is owned by the office but the patient comes in for an ASC procedure that day also. For example if a patient comes in for an ESI injection and the physician decides to do an epidurolgram and that equipment is owned by the office. What POS should be used for the epidurolgram
The ownership of the equipment should not play any role in how the claim is billed - the claim should still reflect the place where the services are performed. Facilities are paid all-inclusive rates for the procedures done on their premises. In the event that a facility uses outside equipment or services that they do not own, the facility will still bill for what was provided to the patient, and will compensate the owner of the equipment directly according to the agreements they have made with that party, whatever it be a rental, lease or other contractual arrangement.