AmnioFix injection into stricture


Orlando, FL
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what CPT code would you use for AmnioFix Injection into urethral stricture?

would you use 52283? even though it's not technically a steroid? Or should I just use 52281 for the balloon dilation? Obviously I can't use both.

PROCEDURE: In the dorsal lithotomy position under general anesthesia, the
patient was prepped and draped in a sterile fashion.

Cystoscopy revealed a recurrent bulbar urethral stricture and a retrograde
urethrogram was performed demonstrating the stricture which was narrow. A
guidewire was passed through this into the bladder under fluoroscopy.
Balloon dilation was performed. AmnioFix was injected into the stricture.
Over the guidewire, a complicated Foley catheter placement was performed
by using a 20-French council tip catheter and placing it in proper
position. The balloon was inflated. The bladder was irrigated clear and a
drainage bag was placed.

There were no complications and the patient was transferred to the
recovery room in satisfactory condition.