Wiki Analysis of EEG (95957)/EEG Recording (95816) coding


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I'm researching the coding for EEG analysis and recording for a colleague who has his own counseling practice. He said at one time they were able to code and bill for a group of 3 codes for the analysis of the EEG, recording of the EEG and another code to go along with that procedure (if documentation supports of course). Can anyone think of another CPT code that would be billed along with these 2 and any certain things to look out for when coding to avoid denials and getting reimbursement for the services? Know it's not a lot of information and I unfortunately do not have mental health billing and coding experience so I don't even know where to start really, hoping someone in the field can help point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
Darcy Griffin
95816 includes the EEG and the recording for awake and drowsy. 95957 includes the digital analysis of the EEG (already performed). Both 95957 and 95816 are global services, unless a 26 or TC is appended. Usually these tests are done for consultative purposes, so the required documentation for the consult would need to be separate and needs to meet the 3 R's criteria in order to bill that as a third code, if possible.