Angina - office


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there has been conversation if Angina should be captured in an office setting, some say yes and some say no as it considered an acute condition, anyone have any feedback how they capture it in their office or any recommendations.
It's captured if it's documented by the provider as being a current condition at the time of the encounter. Code assignment isn't treated differently for certain conditions and not others because of an office setting, at least that I've ever heard of.

I'm not sure I understand what you're being told about it being 'considered an acute condition' - what do they mean? That it only happens in the hospital or is only treated in the hospital? That doesn't make any sense. Many acute conditions are treated in the office, and angina certainly doesn't only occur or only get treatment in a facility. Angina can be an ongoing problem with some patients, and they aren't always hospitalized for it. So I don't know why you wouldn't capture it if that's the case.