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:confused:5 french omni catheter was placed in the ascending aorta and arch and carotid digital subtraction angiography wain LAO and RAO was performed (36200/75600???)

Subsequently the RCC artery was selected with the JB2 catheter and AP lateral and oblique was repeated. The LCC artery was not immediately easily selected and the arch view included excellent imaging of the proximal left internal carotid artery and instead then, the catheters were exchanged back to the Omniflush catheter which was placed at T12 and abd. digital substraction angiography was performed. Utilizing this as a road map the right renal artery was selected and the right renal artery digital subtraction angiography and intra-arterial manometry were performed. (how do you code this??? )

Initially passing the mircopuncture needle which was utilized, there was a bit of resistance, such that only the inner sheath was utilized initially and there was back fluching and a right iliofemoral digital subtraction angiogram was performed which showed rather extensive external iliac artery plaque which did not appear to be hemodynamic significance.. the femoral artery appeard to be smooth and widely patent. the equipment was removed and Starclose applied and pt taken to the recovery room in stable condition. ( how do you code this???)