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Hello we have been billing and coding HRA (high resolution anoscopies) now for about 2 years using the category III code, which is a temporary code. They did finally approve the code and will delete the temporary code and replace it with a CPT code in August. In the meantime, some of the insurance carriers are reimbursing us at a much lower reimbursement for doing the HRA than they are for the standard anoscopy. Once the new cpt code is on the fee schedule can we send in a research/adjustment form to be paid at the correct HRA price or no? Does anyone have any experience with temporary coding? We're getting paid $111.00 for the HRA and $240.00 for the standard all because it's considered a temporary code. The provider does not want us to bill the standard anoscopy because the correct cpt code is 0227T for HRA w/biopsy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.