Wiki Antepartum Visits

It depends on how many visits there were: 1 - 3 bill appropriate E&M; 4-6 bill 59425; 7-13 bill 59426. Also may depend on what state you live in. I bill Michigan Medicaid and don't use any modifiers on the prenatal visits when I bill them separate from the delivery/post partum visit. I make sure to add the LMP when billing prenatal visits too.
Thank you Leandra, I am actually located on St Croix US Virgin Islands. I was thinking about contact our local medicaid office but was informed that they no nothing about coding at all. thank you again
In the state of Washington we use the same CPT codes as above but are required to use the modifier TH when not billing global for DSHS
medicaid procedure code

We use procedure code H1001,TG for inital visit and H1000 for normal antepartum and H1001 for high risk visits with a V22.1 or V 22.0 code. Medicare only pays for 10 visits for a normal pregnancy and 12 for high risk. There is no global package because the visits are paid individually. If the allowed amount of visits are exceeded, Medicaid will not pay for the visits and they will have to be written off.:) I hope this is helpful.