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True Blue
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This might not be enough info.
But I held a coding session with the physicians I work with. And a question was posed.

What does a physician bill if he is mailed medical records from a patient and reivews it. Can he bill an E/M for this. Patient maybe present or in some cases may not.

Curious to know myself.

Daniel, CPC

Told the physician I would get back to him.
I don't know how you could bill for that by itself.

If the patient is present and an E/M service is being provided then you would count that under your data points but I think that is it. If you can bill for that I would be curious to know as well.

Laura, CPC
Unfortunately, there isn't a service that can be billed for this. The only time they get credit for reviewing the records is when the patient comes in and they discuss it and he references the records there with the patient.