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I used to have this E/M cheatsheet or worksheet that you could go down it and check off the points of the exam and then figure up the level. Does anyone have anything like this??? I NEED IT IN A BAD WAY TO HELP STUDY FOR THE CPC EXAM.

Thanks, I will be forever in your debt if you can get me one.
E/M Cheat Sheet

Amy, you can get one from your local state Medicare office. The ones they have are plastic and eraseable and free for the asking. Give them a call and they will mail you one.
Debi Crook, CPC, CCS
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Hope this helps you. Good luck:)
ER Audit Sheet

Patient Name: HISTORY Dr.

HPI Location Severity Timing Quality
Context Duration Associated Signs & Sx Modifying Factors

99281-99283 (1-3 elements) 99284-99285 (4 or more elements)

ROS Constitutional Eyes ENT and Mouth Cardiac
Gastrointestinal Musculoskeletal Endocrine Neurological
Integumentary Psychiatric Genitourinary Allergic/Immunologic
Respiratory Hematologic/Lymphatic All others negative

99281 (none) 99284 (2-9 elements)
99282-99283 (1 element) 99285 (10 or more elements)

PFSH Past Family Social

99281-99283 (none) 99284 (1 element) 99285 (2 elements)

Constitutional Eyes Ears, Nose, Mouth, Throat Cardiovascular Respiratory
Gastrointestinal Genitourinary Musculoskeletal Skin Neurologic
Psychiatric Hematologic/Lymphatic/Immunologic
Body Areas:
99281 Requires at least 1 organ system/body area Head & Face Neck
99282-99283 Requires 2-4 organ systems/body areas Chest/Breast/Axillae Abdomen
99284 Requires 5-7 organ systems/body areas Genitalia/Groin/Buttocks Back
99285 Requires 8 or more organ systems Each Extremity: RUE LUE RLE LLE

Medical Decision Making
Number of Diagnoses/Management Options
Self-limited or minor (Stable, improved or worsened) è Maximum 2 points in this category. 1 point
Established problem (to examining MD); stable or improved 1 point
Established problem (to examine MD); worsening 2 points
New problem (to examining MD); no additional work-up planned è Maximum 1 point in this category. 3 points
New problem (to examining MD); additional work-up (e.g. admit/transfer) 4 points

Amount and/or Complexity of Data Reviewed
Lab ordered and/or reviewed (regardless of # ordered) 1 point
X-ray ordered and/or reviewed (regardless of # ordered) 1 point
Medicine section (90701-99199) ordered and/or reviewed 1 point
Discussion of test results with performing physician 1 point
Decision to obtain old record and/or obtain hx from someone other than patient 1 point
Review and summary of old records and/or obtaining hx from someone other than patient and/or discussion with other health provider
2 points
Independent visualization of image, tracing, or specimen (not simply review of report) 2 points

Risk of complications and/or Morbidity or Mortality
Presenting Problem Diagnostic Tests Management Options Risk
1 self-limited/minor problem Lab w/venipuncture, CXR, EKG, U/A Rest, Gargle, Ace, superficial dressing Minimal
2 or more self-limited/minor
1 stable chronic illness, acute uncomplicated
Lab w/arterial puncture
Superficial needle biopsies
OTC drugs, IV w/o additives Low
1 chronic illness w/exacerbation, 2 or more stable chronic illnesses, new problem w/ uncertain progress, acute problem LP, thoracentesis, culdocentesis Rx, IV w/ additives
Tx of Fx w/o manipulation

Minor surgery w/identified risk factors
1 or more chronic illnesses w/severe exacerbation, life threatening illness/injury, suicide/homicidal ideation, neurostatus change Endoscopy with identified risk factors Parenteral controlled drug therapy with monitoring
Emergency Major surgery

Final Results of Medical Decision Making
The highest level attained in 2 out of 3 categories will determine your level of E/M code as it relates to medical decision making.

Number of Dx or Tx Options 1 2 3 4
Amount and/or Complexity of data to be reviewed 1 2 3 4
Risk of Complications, Morbidity, Mortality Minimal Low Moderate High
E/M Level=2 out of 3 99281 99282 99283/99284 99285

History* _______ Exam* _______ MDM* _______ = Level of Service*>>> 99281 99282 99283 99284 99285

(*lowest of each category)

☐ Downcoded from Level ______ to Level _______ due to:
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Important info needed asap

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Audit Tools help determine the LEVEL

An audit tool will be a great help to determining the LEVEL of E/M. But it won't select which E/M service you should be billing (New vs established, inpatient vs outpatient, consult vs visit, etc).

Also, I do not think you will be able to use the audit tool in your exam.
(Unless you are taking the E/M Auditing specialty exam, where both 1995 and 1997 audit guidelines are needed.)

Still an audit tool will be useful to helping you understand how E/M guidelines work. Just remember, that you'll have to internalize this information.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CPC-E/M
Amy Burton
I believe I do have the exact one you are talking about, I will have to look when I get home, if it is the one that I think it is where there are points next to every part and at the bottom once you add them up it gives you which level of service you should give...Correct? To remind me about this though please email me at or and I will get it to you as soon as I find it..
Good luck