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Please help with this coding.
Left common femoral artery accessed w/ micropuncture kit. French sheath place followed by ultra flush catheter. A limited aortogram was obtained that showed mild disease of the "iliacs at their origins". Beyond this level, the right common external iliac artery was widely patent. Using a guide wire and catheter the right external iliac artery was selected. From here a right leg angiogram was obtained that showed some mild disease at the common femoral artery. The SFA was patent. The profunda femoris was patent. More distally the SFA did have some diffuse disease. The popliteal was patent. The posterior tibial artery was the dominant vessel of the foot that fed a large medial plantar branch.

Since no intervention was done you can code for the catheter placement and the angio

I would code 36246, 75625-26, 75710-26 Rt.

Since access was from the left side and he did cross the aorta and went to the right side you can code for the 36246 for the selective external iliac cath placement. If he would of stayed in the aorta you would of coded 36200.

Hope this helps!