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I have a few questions I haven't really seen addressed elsewhere.

I have worked in the medical equipment field for 25 years.* During this time I have used HCPCS and ICD9 and ICD10 codes for billing purposes.* I haven't used CPT codes previously.* Would this work for apprentice removal, or do you have to have used all 3 code sets? I wasn't sure if that line of work would even count to start with?

I have completed a coding course which counts for 1 year as I understand it (80 hours). Will my experience work to remove the other year?* If I can't get a letter from my current employer, can I use a former supervisor who I worked for for 20 years?* She is no longer employed there(she owned the company and then sold it 5 years ago), but could verify that I have 20 years of experience working for her and she knows that I still am employed at the same place.* Could she write a letter for me on her current employer's letterhead?* I just wasn't sure if this would work since she no longer works there.

Also, do you go ahead and send in the coding course verification letter, or do you wait until you have the 2 year requirements met and send it all in at once?

Thank you very much!