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I work for a family practice and I need some help finding an appropriate dx for a patient who came in to have an IV port removed. He went to see his cardiologist the day before and left without telling the nurse he still had it. So he came in the next day to have it taken out. I went through our ICD-9 book to find a dx but there really wasn't one that looked appropriate. If someone can lead me to the right direction that will be great.


I will wager an opinion here....

I am leaning towards codes V58.81 or V58.82. These codes are for fitting and adjustment of vascular or nonvascular catheters which I think an IV port would fall under. The description of these codes state that they can be used for removal or replacement of vascular or nonvascular catheters.

Code V58.81 is for a vascular catheter and code V58.82 is for a nonvascular catheter.

Others may have a different take on this, but this is how I would code this encounter.
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