Wiki Aranesp Post Transplant How would you code this?


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This patient had end stage renal failure, then received a transplant. Since then, the patient has been monitored. The patient received Aranesp for anemia however, this is to be coded in addition to select other diagnoses. One of these diagnoses is end stage renal failure; however, because of the transplant the patient no longer has the renal failure - how should this be coded?
V42.0 indicates pt has had a kidney transplant. This is used in addition to the presenting problem (anemia, for example) code. For transplant recipients, this code is added for most visits as it is an ongoing condition influencing their health status and medical decision making.

You are correct regarding no longer coding the ESRD as the V42.0 reflects their current status.

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Patty - CPC, CPC-H
I was just skimming through my Ingenix Urology/Nephrology book & came across this:
585.6 End Stage Renal Disease---(Use additional code to identify kidney transplant status, if applicable: V42.0. Use additional code to identify manifestation: 357.4, 420.0. Code first hyertensive chronic kidney disease, if applicable: 403.00-403.91, 404.00-404.93)

Hope this helps.

I know that when I am coding hospital consults & the patient was admitted for renal transplant, our Nephrologists code 585.6 & V42.0