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Please provide opinions re: the following: Bilateral popliteal-tibio-peronal thrombectomies performed. Doc closes up incisions and ends procedure. While removing the drapes he notices that both feet are ischemic again. Then performs perutaneous bilateral angiograms of both legs to diagnose problem and finds both legs have reclotted and both incisions need to be reopened and thrombectomies perform again.
Is this an instance where the angiograms can be coded? I am aware that the thrombectomy codes include the arteriogram during the procedure but just not sure if it would apply after the procedure.
Thanks in advance for any help
Yes, my opinion is that you may bill the angiograms when he has to go back in.

Due to the fact that are new issues and they must be diagnosed; therefore, they are diagnostic angiograms, and billable.


Heather Shaw, CPC, CIRCC