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Missoula, MT
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Our surgery center bills for the ASC Facility fee and we have an Orthopedic surgeon who wants to do a 29827 (arthroscopic rotator cuff repair) and then have a Pain Management physician come into the OR and do a 64483 (lumbar transforaminal epidural) on the same patient, for a completely separate problem. When I put the 2 codes into my billing software it says that 64483 is a column 2 code for 29827 so they cannot be billed together.

However, I was told that the facility CAN bill for these 2 procedures because they were performed by different physicians. Does anyone know if this is true and how we would bill it to get reimbursement for both procedures?


Siena Cummings CPC-A
I would recommend that you only code and bill for what your Orthopedic Surgeon did, the shoulder surgery. The Pain Management Specialist/Anesthesiologist would have to code and bill for his services for himself. In spite of the location/ASC and same day, two procedures were done by two different proceduralists, and should be separated in their billing.

Respectfully submitted, Alan Pechacek, M.D.