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St Clair Shores, MI
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Does anyone have any additional information on the upcomming PRQS for ASC's? We are a surgery center that only preformeds EGD's and Colonoscopies. I have looked at so much information on this matter and I am very confused on what we should reporting and so far there isn't much help out there. So if anyone has any insight on this, I would greatly appreciate any help.
Everything I have read so far indicates that an ASC needs to include the quality reporting codes on all Medicare claims beginning October 1, 2012, regardless of what your surgery center does or doesn't specialize in.
Unless any of the criteria occurs during the ASC admission to discharge (patient experiences a burn, fall, is sent to the hospital upon discharge ect) then you will report G8907 in addition to the procedure to indicate that the patient did not experience any of the reporting events. If something should happen then you would indicate the appropriate G code
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