Wiki ASC wants to bill nipple tattooing


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The ASC that I work for is slowly picking up plastic surgery cases. This one doc want to bring in a patient for nipple tattooing. Which from what I gather would be billed w/ procedure code 11920 or 11921. Would this be considered inclusive of the nipple reconstruction (19350)? I don't want to say we can perform the procedure to get a denial in the end due to its inclusive to the recon. I have researched this have got mixed answers. One of which is if the tattooing is done outside of the global period. Does anyone have any information or documentation to this answer? I would greatly appreciate any feedback! :)
11920 is on the ASC list and can be performed [non cosmetic reasons, I'm sure]. If the patient is coming in for a Nipple/areola reconstruction, the NCCI edits states; Code 11920 is a column 2 code for 19350 , but a modifier is allowed in order to differentiate between the services provided. SO....if she is coming in for a Nipple/areola reconstruction on that same nipple then it would be inclusive.
***Disclaimer-Thats my input on this.