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Running the BD Affirm VP III test in our office. Medicare states if it is performed on same day by the DNA probe method, it is to be billed using CPT code 87797 (LCD L26777). Do not use codes 87480, 87510, 87797 for the Affirm VP III.

When services billed with codes 87480, 87510, and 87660 are performed using one specimen for a test kit regardless of the number of medical necessary tests, only bill 1 unit of service using code CPT 87797.

I am getting conflicting information because many payers are saying code all 3. And prior to 2007, coding guidelines stated to use CPT 87800 for this test.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
Does anyone have an answer to the above question? We have now come accross the same issue in our practice and the same confusion as the previous post amonst our staff.