Assignment of Benefits and HIPAA authorizations - Verbal?!


Smyrna, TN
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In discussions with a group I know, they are stating that they were provided legal guidance that the Assignment of Benefits for a patient and the HIPAA authorization/notification for new patients can be obtained verbally and do not require written consent. I cannot find this guidance anywhere and wanted to see if there was something I missed? I know that we can obtain authorization to perform services through telehealth verbally, but do not believe that these others can be verbal. Any assistance to find this change in policy that these are not required to be written would be great! Or current that this is incorrect and are required to be written is helpful as well.

Thank you everyone!
I suggest consulting an attorney regarding legal matters such as this. Assignment of benefits may even fall under state laws and could vary state to state. My personal opinion on the matter is why would you not want the actual signature unless patient was incapacitated?
It also depends what you mean by "HIPAA authorization". For example, a disclosure of HPI (other than the allowed treatment, payment, operations, etc), must be in writing and meet certain requirements.