Assisted Living Assesment


White Lake, MI
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When my physician visits a patient in an assisted living facility I'm using codes 99324-99337.
Does anyone know what code to use for the 'Annual health care apprasial, yearly exam?'
The only code I can find is 99318, but it's for nursing facilities.

I greatly appreciate any suggestions!:)
You know I had this same question come up and I would love to hear what everyone else has to say about this... but 99318 is only for nursing home patients only. The reason... nursing home facilities have to follow strict rule invloving patient care, in fact I believe the Dr is required to see nursing home pts at least 1 time a month. There an annual is required for NURSING HOME.

For assisted would use the codes you are already using ...

If anyone else knows any different please let me know as well... but as far as I know this is the correct way.