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Can anyone direct me to documentation that indicates physician needs to attest to a NP, PA or FNP hospital visits? What if anything do they need to write if they do not see the patient while in hospital and only the NP,PA, FNP dose. Also, is it required the physician sign off on their notes in hospital if they are only billing as a supervising physician?

There are actually many questions here. What you need to be cautious of here is there are billing requirements based on who is rendering/billing provider on the claim form, and there may be separate facility and/or state requirements for review/signature which have nothing to do with whose name is on the claim form.
IF the physician is seeing the patient same day as NPP, then either an attestation on the NPP documentation stating what was performed, or a separate note referencing the NPP documentation would be required to even consider billing under the physician. If both providers saw the patient that day, then follow split/shared billing rules to determine whose name is on the claim form. Read up about split/shared billing here:
If the physician did NOT see the patient, there is no billing requirement as they will not be the rendering provider. Your facility or state may have signature requirements (mine do not). Regardless of requirements, your physician may choose to sign off and/or write a statement. That statement should be whatever they feel is appropriate.