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Farmington, UT
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We are having an increasing number of our surgeons performing remote audio/video visits with their patients and we are unclear about how to charge for these visits. Most often, these patients are inpatient at a rehab facility and the doctor is able to converse with them through their clinic computer or personal electronic device and the exam is facilitated by their inpatient nurse. Our questions are: 1) What would the POS be? the rehab inpatient facility or the location that the doctor is? 2) What would the CPT or HCPCS code be? We've looked at G0425-G0427, but these are not initial visits.
not sure about the POS, but you could use telephone E/M codes if the doctor is using their smart phone or whatever for video chat, or if it's on the computer you could use the online visit, these are 99441-99444. if that doesnt fit you may need to use an unlisted.